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  • 8 months gone in a flash

    There are times when life seems to pass by so quickly. That seems never more true than when you are on a placement. Uni term times whizz past, but they’re only ten weeks. Holidays whizz past, but they’re only a couple of weeks tops. Placements though are 8 months and when that last Sunday rolls […]

  • More first impressions

    This morning was my first (proper) visit to St. Andrew’s, Brussels. I was made very welcome and was bombarded with names that I will probably forget or get mixed up, but it was nice that so many people introduced themselves to me. The service itself was an interesting ‘mix’. I think that the most striking […]

  • More blogging

    At the recent Candidates’ Conference, Ministries Council outlined their revised plans for the ongoing assessment part of the training. Candidates are now encouraged to continue journalling to record their thoughts on situations and challenges encountered during training. Many will continue using diaries and the like, and I will continue to blog my thoughts (nobody forces […]

  • Looking back, looking forward

    I haven’t blogged properly for a little while and so the beginning of a new year seems like a good place to pick it up again. But first the formalities – I hope those who may be reading had a relaxing and joyful Christmas and that you are blessed in the coming year. I don’t […]

  • Candidates’ Conference Reflections – Disability

    David and Stewart have both been blogging about the Paralympics and both making similar points about the lack of coverage. I confess I haven’t watched any but then I didn’t watch the Olympics either – only what I’ve spotted on the BBC News website. But what’s that got to do with Candidates’ Conference? Well, one […]

  • Candidates’ Conference Reflections – Presuppositions

    Sometimes the biggest thing that gets us into trouble, I would suggest, is presupposing a person’s position on something. Despite having been gently reminded of the dangers early in my field assessment, it’s still something which catches me out now and again (and again, and again). These pre-judgements are based on all sorts of factors […]

  • Returned intact

    Returned about mid-afternoon, absolutely shattered. The lunchtime coffee hit has worn off and my eyes are drooping. Absolutely loads to blog about and I’ll be doing that over the next few days as I get my thoughts sorted out. Only problem is that I suffered a bit of a brain error and left my notebook […]

  • Candidates’ Conference

    On Friday morning I head of to my first Church of Scotland Candidates’ Conference. This is the first of five I am required to attend as part of my training for full-time ministry. I’ve heard mixed reports about them but, on the whole the general impression seems to be that, often, they’re just something to […]