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At the recent Candidates’ Conference, Ministries Council outlined their revised plans for the ongoing assessment part of the training. Candidates are now encouraged to continue journalling to record their thoughts on situations and challenges encountered during training. Many will continue using diaries and the like, and I will continue to blog my thoughts (nobody forces you to read them).

But, I decided to have a bit of a play so I set up a new website – Eutychus – for Candidates to start blogging on. It uses WordPress (because it’s excellent) in it’s multi-user (MU) guise. But it also adds some rather nifty social-networking facilities as well, along the lines of Facebook or Bebo.

I’d be interested in suggestions for improvements or ideas for other features. Or, if you’r interested in something like it for a group or organisation you’re part of, get in touch and I might be able to help.

3 responses to “More blogging”

  1. Hi John… my blog arose out of the encouragement to journal during enquiry and assessment and because I did a reflective practice course at university. Paper methods, while more private, are not nearly as versatile or as much fun as blogging!  Hope the site takes off and I have enjoyed catching up with your blog, the post on atonement was very interesting. 

  2. Thank you for the encouragement. Like you, I started blogging as my means of journalling for enquiry and assessment (2nd time round – 1st time I was using pen and paper and it just didn’t work for me).
    I personally like the interaction you get with blogging, even if it’s only with a few friends and associates.
    Glad you liked the atonement post. It was primarily a way of getting an argument clear in my own head as I worked through a discussion elsewhere. I’m not sure what I blogged was clear, but it makes more sense in my head now.

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