Loadsa reading!

Is what I’ll be doing after the summer.

The arrival of a new member of staff at New College means that there will now be someone available to supervise my Masters research project… and more to the point, they have agreed to do just that.

So, a Masters by Reasearch will be happening. I still have a lot of detail to sort out but at least I have a willing supervisor and the broad outline of a research project.

One response to “Loadsa reading!”

  1. WOOOT!  Glad you now know [broadly] what you’re going to do.  Make sure you get on the list for a study space in Semples or Ramsay [tho’ Semples is the cool place to be, of course]  Currently Blair Wilgus is keeper of the lists for desks.  An alternate plan is to use a desk in the computer part of Semples and stash your books in the general bookcases in there [as opposed to on a desk with a pc – trying to discourage that practice].  Also, once you’ve matriculated, go immediately to see Jessie who will activate your pin number so you can get access to the building whenever you want via the back door.  Right, back to a little more bloodfeud, adultery and witchcraft.  Hope you’re having fun! 🙂

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