Tag: Masters degree

  • Another nudge in direction

    I had a very useful discussion last week with my academic supervisor. Very shortly I will have two research essays due and a presentation to do for what my dissertation will be about. All well and good if I knew where I was going, which is where the discussion ended up being very useful.

  • New ideas

    I had a very fruitful meeting with my academic supervisor today. It wasn’t intended as anything other than a bit of a catch up, but it turned out to be a most useful boost. I know that I’m only 5 weeks into the Masters course, but I was already feeling that I was lacking focus […]

  • I’m official

    I’m now officially a postgrad – and I only had to queue for about an hour into the bargain. I thought I was being smart too. I decided to go in for registration opening at 9.15 this morning. After all, what right-minded student is up at that time during freshers’ week? Oh how wrong I […]

  • Crystallising thoughts

    I had a meeting with my academic supervisor today and most helpful it was too. We chatted through various possible approaches to my research project and in the general mish-mash of thoughts and conversation a few ideas began to crystallise. First up is the idea of language or how we express ideas. This is in […]

  • It’s official!

    I have just received (and accepted) an unconditional offer from Edinburgh Uni to do a Masters by Research after the summer. Now to start reading up on Kierkegaard to keep in with my supervisor.

  • Loadsa reading!

    Is what I’ll be doing after the summer. The arrival of a new member of staff at New College means that there will now be someone available to supervise my Masters research project… and more to the point, they have agreed to do just that. So, a Masters by Reasearch will be happening. I still […]

  • A glimmer of light

    I’ve recently had an email from the uni about my application to do a research masters. My latest plea seems to have had some effect and the other good news is that there is a new member of staff starting soon. He is a potential supervisor for my work. It’s also been suggested that I […]

  • Heart v. head

    As mulled over elsewhere, I’m still caught in a dilemma about whether to stick it out for a research masters. The uni haven’t totally ruled out the possibility but are pushing stringly for a taught course. The push is being driven by resourcing problems primarily. My heart says I’d like to do my pet project […]

  • A slight change of plan

    I had an email from the uni last night about my Masters application. For various reasons, they’d like to encourage me to consider a taught masters rather than the research one I’d applied to do. Issues over staffing/supervision they say, but I suspect they know me too well and realise I need the structured course […]