O happy day!

I dropped off my dissertation today, all nicely bound, with its tidy acetate front and card backing.

Near the limit of the word count and that was only after I had to trim about 350 words out of it. Better that though than struggling to get enough words.

Only one exam to go in the middle of May and that’s it for my BD.

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  1. Theoretically I started my dissertation this time last year when we had to have initial discussions on a topic. Then I ought to have started properly at the beginning of the academic year last September. My classes got rearranged so I had 3 last semester and only 1 this semester, so I decided not to start until after the exams in December.
    When I actually started was about 4 weeks ago when my supervisor suggested that we really ought have a meeting and I thought I really ought to write something for it. 10k words in that time isn’t too bad, especially if it’s something I enjoy and I do enjoy systematic theology. I was sitting at about 6000 words this time last week but by then I was into the bit I really wanted to write about so the rest came quite quickly. In fact I overran, but that gave me a chance to pare down the earlier waffle – the introductory stuff that you pad out in the fear that you’ll never be able to write 10 thousand words on anything.
    I also took the view that 10k words is only four sermons (for me), so that seemed to make it feel manageable as well. Add to that that I can only really focus on work with a (very) looming deadline and that’s why it all appeared a bit last minute.

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