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  • And so it ends

    Five years of university approach their end today as I head to New College to hand in my Masters dissertation. Odd to think that five years of education might be condensed into 44 pages of text. Of course, that’s just a very small part of it, but I guess every word is influenced in some […]

  • New ideas

    I had a very fruitful meeting with my academic supervisor today. It wasn’t intended as anything other than a bit of a catch up, but it turned out to be a most useful boost. I know that I’m only 5 weeks into the Masters course, but I was already feeling that I was lacking focus […]

  • If you’re really bored…

    If you’re bored or struggling to get to sleep, then I’ve uploaded some light reading to keep you amused. I’ve just added my honours dissertation to the downloads section, under the ‘Study’ category. It’s an exploration of eschatology, and in particular resurrection. It’ll also form the basis for my Masters research project. I want to […]

  • O happy day!

    I dropped off my dissertation today, all nicely bound, with its tidy acetate front and card backing. Near the limit of the word count and that was only after I had to trim about 350 words out of it. Better that though than struggling to get enough words. Only one exam to go in the […]

  • Dissertation

    OK, here it is, the proposal for my dissertation: Genesis 1:31a And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. Despite the early scriptural affirmation of the goodness of creation, Greek philosophical dualism, where heaven=good and earth=bad, still pervades much Christian thought. Heaven is to be ‘sought after’ and all […]

  • Registered again

    Well, that’s me registered for another year at New College. This is 4th year. I’ll not say final year as I’m expected to do a postrgrad year for the CofS placements to fit in. Anyway, met my new Director of Studies today and made some changes to my course selection. As well as my honours […]

  • Dissertation thoughts

    Sometime before the end of the exam term I need to have a good idea of what my honours dissertation is going to be and also identify a possible supervisor. My big problem is narrowing things down to a manageable research area. I like the ‘big picture’ stuff. The nitty-gritty can get frustrating sometimes. Anyway, […]