…it’ll all be over. Or more likely, just starting (regardless of outcome).

In a couple of hours I’m heading off to the CofS assessment conference at Gartmore House. Can’t say as I’m looking forward to it. It’s a pretty stressful couple of days and I’ll be much happier when it’s over and done with. Still, it’ll be a major milestone. I’m more confident in my call than the last time (although I felt pretty confident then as well). I have answers to lots of questions I didn’t really realise were there last time.

Anyhoo… there’s ironing and packing to be done. And the hail has just started battering off the windows, so the drive will be lovely.

Must go check if Gartmore’s got wifi and I may blog from the conference (or not).

3 responses to “Soon…”

  1. Good luck! Prayers ascending!
    You won’t have time to blog – you’ll be too busy! Enjoy it!

  2. God be with you John. The prayers of KHR are with you. We look forward to hearing of a successful outcome.
    If the blogs come, so be it, but try to enjoy the experience rather than to analyse it.

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