Tag: Assessment Conference

  • The man from DelMonte…

    …he say YES! Apparently I’m now a candidate in training for the ministry. How scary a thought is that? Maybe need to spare a prayer for the congregation that gets me.

  • And I’m back

    Absolutely drained as well. Well, I think it all went reasonably well. I think I put myself across as well as I was able and if I get a negative decision I don’t think it’ll be because of how I performed at the conference. I did have one glitch with the Church assessors’ interview. Surprise! […]

  • Soon…

    …it’ll all be over. Or more likely, just starting (regardless of outcome). In a couple of hours I’m heading off to the CofS assessment conference at Gartmore House. Can’t say as I’m looking forward to it. It’s a pretty stressful couple of days and I’ll be much happier when it’s over and done with. Still, […]

  • Up for discussion

    Having pondered the excellent suggestions for discussion topics, I’ve decided to follow CB’s advice and go for something that interests me and I have strong opinions about. Sadly, that means theology 😉 So, here’s my short list of possible topics. I think they all offer something regardless of training or experience (or lack thereof) and […]

  • More paperwork

    I’ve just received a wodge of paperwork from 121 for my looming Assessment Conference (2-3 May). One of the things I need to do for it is prepare a piece for the ‘Topical Discussion Exercise’. This is an activity where each applicant introduces a topic and then facilitates a discussion on it, wrapping it up […]