Another one bites the dust

Well, that’s Modern Christology done and dusted. Entirely predictable questions, but that’s never been the issue – it’s the answers that are the problem. So, knowing the likely questions, you go in armed with loads of stuff to put down on paper and then it becomes an exercise in constructing an argument around what you know in the time you have. And therein lies part of the problem. Getting it all down coherently. It doesn’t help when the exam room is freezing cold and all you can hear is nearby construction traffic. The lecturer is going to put in a complaint.

Anyway, I think I managed to brain dump a couple of semi-decent answers, so I’m happy enough. Last exam is tomorrow, so it’s another evening of revision, this time for Pastoral Care and Theology. Looking forward to giving my brain a rest for a little while before it all starts again in January.

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