Dec 192008

That title is not meant to be sexist or fattist (honest) but rather a reference to my third exam being finished thereby leaving only one more exam for my remaining time at uni (you’ll notice I’m still not thinking about my dissertation). No exams if I do a masters, just lots of essays.

Today’s Hebrew Prophecy exam was pretty predictable. It was the same exam paper from 2 years ago barring a couple of questions, one of which was from last year’s paper. Seemed to go well enough. Nothing spectacular but it should be good enough to maintain my 2:1 average.

Also got my Biblical Interpretation book review back. I got 60% which is far more than I expected and certainly more than I think it deserved. Lots of comments about it being a summary with little critical engagement. Well, can’t disagree as that’s pretty much where I left it knowing that it wouldn’t get a great mark, but good enough for a pass.

So, only one more subject to do and a dissertation to churn out and that’ll be it. The time seems to have flown by yet again and I don’t imagine next semester will be any different. I will be a lot busier with placement duties though, so that should fill in all the gaps I’ll have with only one subject to do.

Dec 122008

Two exams down, one to go – and that’s not until the 19th.

Yesterday morning was Biblical Interpretation. It wasn’t too bad and I ended up answering questions that I hadn’t specifically revised for. Not sure if that suggest complacency or arrogance on my part, but when I looked at the questions, I didn’t feel entirely comfortable with the ones that tied in to my revision scheme.

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Jun 052008

Last semester’s exam results are now out. I’ve managed 3 ‘B’s which is quite fine by me. That’s ‘B’s for all of last year’s subjects (although I’m still waiting for official confirmation of the 1st semester results) which keeps me on course for an eventual 2:1 or 2:2 (if I ease off a bit).

Dec 112007

Last exam today and that’s another semester done.

Should be an ok mark for this one too barring one really, really stupid mistake. I had been reading various articles as part of my revision and there was one I really liked and quoted from. Only problem was, I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember the author’s name. I finally ‘remembered’, only when I checked up afterwards I realised I had got the name completely wrong. What a numpty. I’d have been better leaving it to an unattributed source to be on the safe side.

The other thing was that I had to give up writing with over 5 minutes left. I could have written more but my hand was getting serious cramp and it was getting painful to keep writing. I’m pretty heavy-handed when I write and it tells when you write solidly for nearly 2 hours. Need to get in training for the next set of exams, I think.

Overall, I’m fairly happy with the way the exams went and I should be in line for reasonable passes. I can start looking forward to next semester when I have the delights of a chaplaincy placement at the Royal Infirmary, Reformation Theology and Methods of Reading the Hebrew Bible. I’m really looking forward to the last one: the lecturer, Hans Barstad, is excellent and is up there with the best of them in OT studies.

Now to catch up with all those household jobs that have been neglected for the last 13 weeks.

Dec 102007

Well, that’s Modern Christology done and dusted. Entirely predictable questions, but that’s never been the issue – it’s the answers that are the problem. So, knowing the likely questions, you go in armed with loads of stuff to put down on paper and then it becomes an exercise in constructing an argument around what you know in the time you have. And therein lies part of the problem. Getting it all down coherently. It doesn’t help when the exam room is freezing cold and all you can hear is nearby construction traffic. The lecturer is going to put in a complaint.

Anyway, I think I managed to brain dump a couple of semi-decent answers, so I’m happy enough. Last exam is tomorrow, so it’s another evening of revision, this time for Pastoral Care and Theology. Looking forward to giving my brain a rest for a little while before it all starts again in January.

Dec 062007

First exam done today – The Making of Christian Orthodoxy 325-451.

Questions were OK, pretty much what had been hinted at and I was able to comfortably answer 2 of them and a bit of waffle on the 3rd. Overall, should be a reasonable pass; not stunning, but reasonable.

One on Monday morning and one on Tuesday morning to do. Monday’s is Modern Christology and I’m really not looking forward to it. Should pass, but I’ll be so glad when it’s done. Tuesday is Pastoral Care and Theology. That should be fairly straightforward but the lecturer is a tough marker so not expecting great things from that one.

All I need, overall, is to aim for a pass – 40% – a ‘3rd’. But, if I got that then I’d be a bit disappointed because I know I’m capable of doing better. Not expecting to get a first though. Haven’t put in the work for that and I don’t really intend to. I’d rather compromise the grades and be able to be a bit more bearable at home and have time for other commitments. A 2:1 or 2:2 would suit me just fine and keep me on track for that at final honours.

Anyway, going to chill for a bit and let my brain recover before panicking about the next one.