Interesting to see someone in government speaking out against the ‘pc’ brigade.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Christianophobia warning from MP

And along the same lines:
BBC NEWS | Magazine | Reindeer Ralph supplants Nativity

In the second report it’s interesting to note that it’s not other faiths who have a problem with Christmas or Christianity, it seems to be those with ‘an agenda’ – arguably a misplaced one.
I think I’d agree with Mark Pritchard’s assessment that an erosion of Christian ‘rights’ (not the correct word, but can’t think of another at the moment) will eventually lead to a more extremist backlash. I don’t mean that in the sense of a violent protest, rather that the voice of Christianity that will become most vocal will be the more fundamentalist one.

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  1. What really scunners me is the attitude of the secularists. Of course they will say that we exert ‘undue’ influence, but if that were really true do they really think that they’d get away with such slanderous stuff that they come out with ?
    It is ok to pan all religions with jokes except for Islam. Do the secularists condone this ? Of course they do ! But don’t pick on them, the poor defenceless creatures, it would infringe their human rights (but who gave them those in the first plcae ?) !!
    Rant over for the moment…

  2. And the followup:
    UK ‘must celebrate Christianity’

    Love the last part:

    Ahead of the debate Keith Porteous Wood, executive director of the National Secular Society, called it “a waste of precious parliamentary time”.

    He said: “Christians are not being pushed out of public life. If anything they are over-represented.”

    Of course he’d say that wouldn’t he?
    Anyway, hope you’re feeling better after that rant, David 😉 I wonder what they’d say if Christians (and other religious faiths for that matter), ‘withdrew their labour’ from society and adopted the current secular philosophy of ‘me! me! me!’? I keep stumbling across blogs and other web articles that persist in trotting out the myth that “we’d all get on better if it wasn’t for religion. It’s religion that causes all these wars.” Well, actually, it’s people who cause wars and they’ll just use whatever the handiest excuse is. If ‘science and rationality’ is so wonderful why hasn’t society improved since the enlightenment? Fair enough, we’ve got indoor plumbing and electric lights (assuming you’re not in a developing country of course) but are we really any better as a society? There have been more wars and deaths through war in the last century than the rest of history and not all on account of ‘religion’. Where’s the benefit of our enlightened outlook there? ANd what about medicine? Our arbitrary and excessive use of anti-biotics has led to superbugs which we struggle to deal with. I’m not for a moment suggesting modern medicine isn’t a good thing, but science is a long, long way from solving the world’s problems. If anything it just creates more sophisticated ones.
    Anyway, that’s my rant over.

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