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  • Politics and religion

    I don’t generally blog on politics. It’s not a subject which particularly enthuses me – at least in the traditional sense. I have no particular love of party politics. The confrontational Westminster style is just irritating and the negative campaigning is simply depressing. But this blog entry isn’t about any of those things anyway. Rather, […]

  • Doing it right

    One of those irreverent politics sites I mentioned had this photo available for captioning. It’s definitely one of those Kodak moments that you couldn’t stage. It’s also one of those photos that really needs no further comment, so I’ll not. (click the picture for a bigger version)

  • Politics and religion

    I don’t generally comment on politics, for various reasons, not least of which is that I have little time to spend following issues and arguments and so I feel particularly unqualified to comment. This is especially true of US politics and the election of the new president. I confess ignorance about the specific policies of […]

  • Christianophobia

    Interesting to see someone in government speaking out against the ‘pc’ brigade. BBC NEWS | Politics | Christianophobia warning from MP And along the same lines: BBC NEWS | Magazine | Reindeer Ralph supplants Nativity In the second report it’s interesting to note that it’s not other faiths who have a problem with Christmas or […]