These pages contain various files which I’ve created or found elsewhere. They may or may not be useful to you but you’re free to download them as you choose.

Sermons are typically 2500-3000 words, which, at a typical presentation speaking rate, is around 20-25 minutes.


Download: Exegesis models  Exegesis models
» 115.3 KiB - July 3, 2011
A somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at methods of exegesis.


Download: 1John1  1John1
» 310.5 KiB - March 1, 2009
Apostles' Creed - I believe in God. Reading from 1John1:1-10

Download: confusion  confusion
» 243.4 KiB - January 20, 2009
A short reflection on John 4, Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well.

Download: Jeremiah29+Luke17  Jeremiah29+Luke17
» 51.5 KiB - October 17, 2007
'Us and Them' themed sermon challenging a parochial view of where and in whom God is at work.

Download: Harvest thoughts  Harvest thoughts
» 56.0 KiB - September 27, 2007
Sermon delivered at KHR on Harvest Thanksgiving. Readings from Amos 8, 1Timothy 2 and Luke 16. Theme of global responsibility.

Download: Psalm14+Ephesians3  Psalm14+Ephesians3
» 47.0 KiB - August 29, 2007
Sermon based on Psalm 14 and Ephesians 3:14-21

Download: Hosea4+James3  Hosea4+James3
» 50.0 KiB - August 29, 2007
Sermon based on Hosea 4:1-3 and James 3:13-18


Download: Easter Jigsaw Labyrinth  Easter Jigsaw Labyrinth
» 28.9 MiB - March 21, 2011
An Easter-themed labyrinth resource.

Download: CH4 Hymns  CH4 Hymns
» 102.0 KiB - September 2, 2010
Spreadsheet of CH4 hymns cross-referenced to CH3, MP, SoGP and CG. Many thanks to Andrew Sarle for letting me make this available.


Download: What_Do_We_Hope_For  What_Do_We_Hope_For
» 449.9 KiB - April 1, 2009
Honours dissertation exploring NT Wright's thoughts on eschatology, hope, resurrection.

MTh Research

Download: Dissertation - Converging Conversations  Dissertation - Converging Conversations
» 480.7 KiB - August 20, 2010
MTh dissertation. The need for 'intentional' dialogue if the Church of Scotland is to engage effectively with new forms of church.

Download: Essay - Tentative Steps towards an Emerging Kirk  Essay - Tentative Steps towards an Emerging Kirk
» 204.1 KiB - August 20, 2010
MTh Research Essay 2 An analysis of the Church of Scotland's engagement with Emerging Church through a 2009 report from Ministries Council and Mission and Discipleship Council.

Download: Essay - Looking Beyond the Labels  Essay - Looking Beyond the Labels
» 206.2 KiB - August 20, 2010
MTh Research Essay 1 An investigation of some of the underlying issues behind some of the 'post-' labels commonly associated with Emerging Church.

Download: Essay - Unity In Diversity  Essay - Unity In Diversity
» 270.5 KiB - August 20, 2010
Mth Research Essay - Barth Course Using the creedal church mark of 'One', this essay critiques Emerging Church from a Barthian perspective.

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