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  • Those who can, do..

    I’m sure you’re all (note assumption of a readership here) familiar with the old adage, “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach” or one of its variants “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach; those who can’t teach, teach gym/lecture/counsel (delete or add as appropriate)”. For whatever reason, this phrase popped into my […]

  • That’s my King!

    A while ago, whilst searching for video clips, I came across Worship House Media which is an excellent source for all sorts of useful downloads (keep an eye out for their occasional freebies). One of my favourites is ‘That’s My King’ a video set to the words of American preacher S.M. Lockridge. The sermon is […]

  • What’s perfect?

    It looks as though my soap box this semester is going to be the different methods of approaching scripture. I’ve just been reading about form criticism and that’s not actually what I want to blog about, but it did spark off a train of thought. I’ve also been reading recently some of the debate over […]

  • Highs and lows

    It’s been a pretty diverse week just past. On Thursday I was at the ordination and induction of a friend. It was a lovely service, full of humour and joy tempered by the serious business of taking on responsibility for a parish. If taking on her first charge wasn’t enough, Louise also has to cope […]

  • Books, blogs, evangelicals and US Christianity

    One of my tasks during this placement is to read and discuss a book from the recommended list from 121. I chose Eugene Peterson’s ‘Under the Unpredictable Plant‘ which is subtitled ‘an exploration in vocational holiness’. I’ve started it and I am enjoying it, but I’ll save fuller comments for a little later. My first […]

  • Myths, legends and deep understanding

    Stewart recently posted on his blog about ‘depth‘ in the Christian faith. Coincidentally, I had been reading some discussions across some other websites (here and here) about some of the misconceptions surrounding the Christmas story (and the selective reporting of what was said). The two seem to come together in my mind and chime with […]

  • Contrasts

    David recently posted on a Sunday of very contrasting services and I thought I’d chip in my tuppenceworth. The morning service was largely done by Buskit, a charity group from Grangemouth High School who take humanitarian aid across to children in Belarus. The three young people were very confident and spoke eloquently of their experiences. […]

  • Which god?

    I’m currently reading some NT Wright as part of revising a block on the “Third Quest for the historical Jesus” for Modern Christology. One particular essay has an anecdote that I particularly like, so I’ll paraphrase it here: When he was chaplain at Worcester College, Oxford, Wright would welcome all 1st year undergraduates and speak […]

  • Christianophobia

    Interesting to see someone in government speaking out against the ‘pc’ brigade. BBC NEWS | Politics | Christianophobia warning from MP And along the same lines: BBC NEWS | Magazine | Reindeer Ralph supplants Nativity In the second report it’s interesting to note that it’s not other faiths who have a problem with Christmas or […]