Oct 282011

Hmmm… I might well change my theme to a new one, but I can’t decide if I like the dark or light version.

  5 Responses to “Join the dark side?”

  1. Glass half full or glass half empty?  Following on from the eminent theologians who produced the seminal tome entitled ‘The Life of Brian’, “Always look on the bright side of life”, so I’d go with the black on white rather than the white on black.  They weren’t rejecting you, but merely not getting the way of what is God’s true call for you. 

  2. I tend to prefer the black background as I find them easier to read and less strain on the eyes.  So that’s one vote each.

  3. I’m with Spot. I find light on black easier to read, hence my choice of skin for my blog. That said, the dramatic change may confuse people and they might think they’ve gone to the wrong sight. Just a thought
    I think light on black is easier for people on the dyslexic spectrum too.

  4. I find white on black background very hard to read, but then I am an elderperson!

  5. Thanks for all the feedback.

    Much as I like the dark theme, I have to confess that having lived with it for a short while I find the lighter theme much easier on the eyes. Maybe it’s just a sign of my age as well.

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