Nuggets to ponder

Many of the sessions at conference were worthy of note and I’ll probably be reflecting on some of them in due course. But here are some choice little nuggets from one session in particular. They’re probably somewhat paraphrased rather than accurate words and I offer no commentary, simply letting them stand as they are.

The scripture readings should not be ‘attacked’ in a sermon.

Christian is an adjective, never a noun.

The response to decline is not to build a fortress.

The clergy need to learn to be quiet.

One response to “Nuggets to ponder”

  1. Interesting wee nuggets. Particularly 3 and 4. I get the impression that those in the ‘Kremlin’ (121) are taking precisely the opposite of this view and need to rethink. They are digging their economic trenches instead of daring to be a tad more faithful. (or am I being too cynical and too hard ?) As for being quiet….there is a real need to rediscover quiet times. Not necessarily times for Scripture study, but times to be able to reflect on your ministry and allow God to talk to you (instead of one way prayers the other way !) .   

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