By way of explanation

This blog forms part of my ongoing journalling and reflection on my training process into ministry. I generally blog about particular theological issues I’m wrestling with and those discussions are open to all as I seek to understand different viewpoints. Sometimes the topic is about particualr situations or events that have been part of my placement. Whilst I try to keep descriptions suitably vague and avoid naming names or otherwise make people/places/events as anonymous as possible, there is the strong probability that someone associated with what I am writing will know exactly who and what I mean. And sometimes there’s a back history to things that I am unaware of and so inadvertently move the can opener closer to the can of worms. The blog entry “2 school services” has been put under ‘lock and key’ just now for this reason. I hope anyone reading will understand why I have to do this at times. Where I can extract a ‘discussion point’ from such an entry, I will attempt to do so.


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