Hitting the ground running

I was in uni for the first of my classes today. It’s one I’m auditing and it was just the introductory class so nothing too strenuous. However, mild panic has set in already. I bumped into a fellow postgrad who mentioned that there is an initial reading to do for the Barth Church Dogmatics course which starts tomorrow. I haven’t been signed up to courses yet – a problem with changing my allocated supervisor – so I was unaware of this. I guess I should have realised and contacted the lecturer, but I didn’t. Anyway, I now have 80 pages of Barth’s Church Dogmatics to read for 11 o’clock tomorrow morning.

One moment of levity – for anyone who remembers Christian Theology 1 lectures – it took all of 15 minutes this morning before phenomenology and cherry trees were mentioned. Couldn’t help but smile.

4 responses to “Hitting the ground running”

  1. Barth’s Church Dogmatics…. nice light stuff. The joke for us was that you passed if you could lift the books !!! Strangely, I feel the need to revisit Dogmatics In Outline for some light reading. (I need to lie down now).

  2. It does get easier – next week is only 72 pages.

    But then it’s back to 80 and pretty much stays there.

    Maybe this will be the cure for my love of theology.

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