My Alma Mater

During the second semester of 4th year at New College, a promo video was being made. The final result can be viewed on YouTube. I can be caught briefly during the graduation ‘do’ – back row, extreme left. But my Dad actually features more than I do. Same event, at 9:07 – he’s the silver-haired guy on the left scowling at the digital camera he’s holding.

Apart from the obvious “stars”, sneaky peeks of Baz (2:25), Iona (2:25), David (7:43), Gillian, (7:46) and Will (7:55 – proof that he attended at least one lecture).

[youtube k4p0TaSOuRQ]

Oh, and don’t let let Larry (dramatic pause) Hurtado’s nice guy image fool you. He’s harsh! I only got a C for his Biblical Interpretation class and it still hurts!

4 responses to “My Alma Mater”

  1. Most of the ones doing BA/MA courses are. BD students raise the age average by several hundred years. Well, they would if there were more of them.

    It was a bit disappointing that the BD/CofS stuff didn’t get a mention.

  2. Will attended a lecture..?  This video must have been doctored!! I feature in this three times…once frantically scribbling some notes, another time looking totally disinterested in something Gary Dench was saying and then at the reception with my stolen scroll…all in all I think it sums up your average MA student!  On the shorter trailer version, it ends with that scene and I look like a totally crazy person…
    Ahhh, the memories!
    Oh, and I love the ‘Larry (dramatic pause) Hurtado’.  Classic New College moment.

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