Temporary respite

I’m back home for a couple of days. I graduate tomorrow (Friday) and I’m not looking forward to being kilted and gowned if the weather is as hot and humid as it is today. I still hold to the vain hope that despite all the ‘hospitality’ in Brussels I can still get my kilt on without ‘sooking in’ too much. If you read reports in the Scottish news of someone being clobbered by a flying belt buckle, that’ll have been my fault.

It’s also great to see the family again – Skype just isn’t quite the same. Plus, the girls have even offered to make the dinner tonight. Result!

5 responses to “Temporary respite”

  1. Have a tremendous day. Enjoy being whacked in the head with a hat made out of material from John Knox’s breeches…(or so they told me)
    I look forward to the headline of an orbital kilt buckle !!!

  2. Hope the graduation goes well. I’d rather not be in all the wool. Never mind just the kilt, there’s the gown and hood too!!!
    I assume it’s easy getting extra tickets for family etc?

  3. Hi Mrs G.

    Extra tickets are pot luck. You can apply for up to 3 additional tickets. What you get depends on demand and it there are too many requests then it goes to luck of the draw. You find out the week before if you have been given the extras. Other option is find fellow students who don’t need their full quota (2) and do a deal.


    It must be true about the breeches – that’s what the official programme said. 😉

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