Rev. Max Headroom

rev.maxAccording to this report on the BBC, ministers are going virtual.

Using video links, ministers will be able to contribute to services in vacant charges or be able to be seen simultaneously in a linked charge. The minister can rotate their visits so that they are there in person sometimes, but they can be seen and heard every Sunday.

I guess the idea has some merit – I have visions of rolling out of bed five minutes before the service, popping on a dog collar and switching on the webcam in the study. But I wonder when computer geeks will get round to creating a true virtual minister, and of course they could be pre-programmed to suit the theological temperament of the congregation.

How do you ordain software though?

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  1. Yes, I can see the merits, though perhaps the Kirk should be tackling the route cause of this technology being looking into. The lack of ministers. Not that I have a vested interest. Oh, no, not at all.

  2. This makes eminent sense in areas where there are continuing vacancies. It’ll be good to get more clergy, of course, but this technology has been used effectively in big churches where they have overflows.

  3. Mrs G,
    Now you wouldn’t want them to take just anybody, would you? 😉
    Better start getting used to speaking to camera though.

    I suppose the concern is that the technology becomes an excuse not to try too hard to fill a vacancy. But I suspect that’s a very pessimistic view.

    I’m currently avoiding revising for my Church, Sacraments and Ministry exam on Thursday and one of my revision topics is ordained ministry. I wonder if I can work this in somehow. Might be worth the odd extra mark or two for being very contemporary.

  4. I wasn’t actually suggesting that churches don’t try too hard, although some may see it that way. It isn’t a cheap option, judging by the GA comments and it would be cheaper getting the real thing in the pulpit. Some might even say that that refers to physical presence and theologically too ?? Or am I being a bit naughty ??

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