End of an era

Yesterday was my last lecture at New College. I have one more (optional) revision class and a 2-hour exam (and the minor matter of a dissertation to finish) and that will be 4th year done, graduating in July.

I will, of course, be back for a postgrad masters, but this was the major hurdle to get over. It’s hard to believe that it was nearly four years ago that I packed in my job with no assurance other than a strong sense of call (OK, that’s a pretty big assurance, but it’s scary nevertheless) and applied for a university place, not even knowing if I would be accepted on to the course.

There have been ups and downs and not a few times when I’ve been ever so close to calling it quits (and I really mean so close that it would have taken just one tiny thing to push me into doing that). The upside is a passion for theology (or maybe just an argument) and a desire to enthuse others to really think about God; to understand how what they say and what they do speaks eloquently of the God they claim faith in.

But overall it’s been great to have the opportunity to study and to engage with others. The funny thing is that it is only now that much of what was taught early in the course is beginning to make sense. I’d love to go back over it all and maybe actually understand it 2nd time round (well, apart from the philosophy stuff which is just too weird). But I guess the point it that you are always moving on, always learning new things and every so often it clicks in place with what’s already there and a bit more of the picture is revealed.

In the meantime, there’s still that small matter of a dissertation.

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  1. Ah, dissertations. I enjoyed writing mine, though it was all about a map of the Kyle penisula!!!
    4 years is a long time. Just think where you might be in 4 years time. Where we all might be!

  2. I can vaguely remember a sense of relief when the end date was in sight. The dissertation is more than a minor inconvenience, as is the prospect of the Masters. I did the Diploma in Ministry and there is an expectation of deeper thinking (something you enjoy). 
    Enjoy the sense of relief and achievement. You’ve done well. Keep the eye on the ball, though ! 

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