Not as in feeling cool but rather actually feeling cold. No heating and the doors are all open since we’ve got the plumbers in replacing the central heating boiler. That also means having to replace both showers since one is a pumped power-shower (not allowed with a combi boiler) and the other is a low-pressure thermostatic mixer (won’t like mains pressure). Add to that thermostatic valves on all the radiators, removal of the hot water tank and all the tankage in the loft, plus an extra radiator in the bedroom, and new gas pipework from the meter to the boiler. I may turn into an icicle before it’s all finished.

Getting the heating replaced in the middle of winter is probably not the most sensible planning but it took us so long to get hold of the plumbers that what should have been a late autumn project got very delayed. We could, I suppose, have found someone else, but this firm comes hightly recommended by people we know. Which, I suppose, explains why they are so busy. Just goes to show that doing the work well and keeping customers happy counts for a lot.

Will give them a plug if we get the same service.

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