14000 to go

Words that is. 2 essays and 1 dissertation and that’s it for my BD.

I console myself with the thought that it’s only about 6 sermons worth and that doesn’t sound so bad.

And then there’s the exams as well – 2 on the same day this semester. And they’re the two more difficult subjects into the bargain.

Then of course there’s the 30000 words of a Masters degree to do next year.

I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t started this post. I felt so positive after finishing off my latest essay this morning too.

4 responses to “14000 to go”

  1. Depends how you loook at it… You’ve now got a finish line to aim for, and splitting it into sermon chunks makes it manageable. And once you get into next year you’ll get enthusiastic with your dissertation and time will fly by. If you feel a bit down with all this work, think of where you were a couple of years ago and how far you’ve already come !

  2. Hi Scott,
    Sorry, they’re not in the ‘public domain’ largely because even after they’re marked locally they still have to be seen by an external examiner to approve the mark. I wouldn’t want to risk compromising the marking by ‘publishing’ the essays. Maybe once I have my degree I’ll let some out but I suspect that I’ll be cringing at them in a few months.
    Also, they tend to be very specific to course content and don’t always make sense in isolation. They may make the bones of some posts though (when I have time).

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