Only probably?

Professor Richard Dawkins is supporting a publicity campaign to have London buses carry ads saying that “There’s probably no God”. I can’t help but think that he could have been a bit more positive about it given his hard-line atheist stance. Surely he’s not having doubts?

I also wonder if it won’t backfire somewhat. Surely it’s in Dawkins’ and the British Humanist Association’s interest to not have people talking about God at all. Wouldn’t the old adage of ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ be very appropriate here? And in fact, I’m all in favour of people thinking about faith and religion. If they choose to reject it, then so be it. But at least it’ll be done from a point of knowledge rather than simply go along with Dawkins’ accusations of religion being brainwashing and superstition. After all, he’s an eminent professor so what he says must be true, surely? Just remember he’s an eminent professor of evolutionary biology, not of religion (and don’t call me Shirley).


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  1. I caught some of the debate about this on Radio 5 Live… their rep was suggesting that their raising of over £10k was clear evidence of the popularity of their thinking… I almost yelled an ‘Amen’ when someone had texted in saying that their one church had raised over £900k for overseas work and that £10k has hardly the ringing endorsement that the rep had claimed !
    On a pedantic point… atheists claim there is no God, only agnostics would put in the probably. Where’s their commitment to the cause ???

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