SQA art2008

We (the family) popped down to the Scottish Parliament today to view the SQA’s art exhibition. We had a particular interest because Alison’s Higher Art expressive piece had been chosen for inclusion.

I tried to get some piccies of it but I had trouble with the reflections from the windows. Anyway, here’s a wee taster of it (full size-ish ones on picasa).

IMG_2106.JPG IMG_2107.JPG

The other works were all excellent as well, with some particularly stunning pieces. Certainly as good as many I’ve seen that are considered ‘good’ art.


The SQA very kindly sent me a high-quality image of Ali’s painting (also available on my Picasa album):


(Now all we have to do is keep pushing for the original to be returned)

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  1. Very, very good! I wish I had a talent in art like that! Well done Alison. There’s really not that much wrong with the youth of Scotland when you see things like this – despite what we may read in the papers! Congratulations to all those whose artwork is on display.

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