An occasion

I’ve had to duck out of doing pulpit supply at Lanark Greyfriars a week on Sunday. But it’s for a very good reason. My older daughter, along with some others from the youth fellowship, will be joining the church that day and I’d really like to be there. (It just so happens I’m on duty that Sunday as well, so I don’t have to impose on someone else to do it.)

It’s all been a bit low-key. There are membership classes running in a week or so but the minister is going to be doing material he’s already covered with the youth fellowship, so he’s decided that it’s appropriate for the group to join the church now. The group are also regulars at both Sunday services, playing or singing with the worship group in the evenings. I suppose that, in itself, is a testimony to the importance of encouraging people to get involved.

Now, I wonder if we can get my daughter into a dress for the day rather than her usual jeans? Because, of course, it matters what we wear to church, doesn’t it 😉


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  1. Wish every one well for the occasion ! Of course it’s important that they wear the right stuff !!!! Jeans are perfectly ok ! Just need to find a verse that will back that up…..

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