Not long back from Crossover.

Although the numbers were well down this year, there was still a great atmosphere and most things went well. Interestingly, even though the numbers were down, the activities were still very busy. It was just that there were fewer groups simply hanging around.

The labyrinth we ran was good, with only one ‘dissenting’ voice. It’s fascinating to hear youth leaders comment on their ‘hyperactive’ kids as they watch them sit through fairly lengthy ‘meditations’. And the reaction from the kids themselves is always encouraging. Even the ones that you’d perhaps label as being ‘uninterested’ come out saying how great it was.

Highlight of the weekend? Quite possibly the thrashy, rock version of ‘How great Thou art’.

Will comment more later after I’ve had some sleep. Although it was a great weekend, there were still a lot of points worth chewing over.

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