I was doing pulpit supply down in Law on Sunday. Lovely wee congregation, very welcoming and some novelties thrown in to boot.

First thing I spotted was the video camera. They record the service and distribute dvds to anyone who is unable to get to the service. I was offered one but decided to forego the pleasure of watching myself. But, I’m back in a few weeks time and I might just take them up on the offer. I guess there’s always some merit in being able to critically analyse how you present yourself.

The other novelty was really nice. The very first time I did pulpit supply I got caught out when I was asked to pray with the choir and elders and I’m not so hot on ex tempore prayers. Now I expect it so it’s not a shock when I’m asked. So, on Sunday, when I came into the vestry and found a little delegation of people I was expecting to be praying with the choir or whoever. However, I was quite wrong! This little group meet with the minister just before the service to pray for the service and for the minister. I was really pleased and I was also very impressed that this prayer ministry was in place.

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  1. Take up their offer of the DVD…. There was speech training in New College when I was there and watching yourself is a good discipline. You can catch your own foibles (it’s legal).

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