Camping the easy way

Next weekend is Crossover and my old youth group are going – a great mob of them too, something like 27. Anyway, I was helping out tonight and, by way of preparation, everyone with a tent was invited to bring it along to try pitching them in the church hall. It meant that we could see just how serviceable they were and what their actual size was.

I was seriously impressed by one that was there – a popup tent. It was so cool. It was erected in seconds, literally. You can see a video of them here (scroll down the page a bit). Mind you, it took us considerably longer to work out how it folded back up. I wish I’d seen that video before trying to decipher the instructions.

That said, I’m not even camping at Crossover. I’ve got a bed for the night in one of the accommodation blocks.

On the subject of Crossover – I’m heading up the pastoral team again and, once more, we’re hosting the labyrinth. I’m really keen to get feedback on it this year, particularly the music. It was specially composed for the labyrinth by a friend. I think it works well, but it’s more ‘classical’ than we’ve used before, so I’ll be interested to hear how it works for the age group.


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