School show

A while ago I offered to help out at this year’s school show. The main reason for doing so was that the sound quality was always a bit ropey and, having had a bit of experience with our worship group, I thought I might be able to help.

What makes me qualified to offer assistance as a sound engineer?

Absolutely nothing other than a techie’s insatiable desire to tinker.

Nevertheless, I now find myself as ‘sound supervisor’ for Falkirk High School’s production of Bugsy Malone. What I thought might be a wee fiddle with level and eq has now turned into trying to optimise mic changes for 15 or so speaking parts and 7 mics, two of which are on the same channel and can’t be on at the same time. Add to that 6 static mics, sfx, audio from video clips and 5 somewhat enthusiastic teenage sound crew and the job is rather more than I bargained for.

And why is it that as soon as you give someone a mic they feel the need to pop it right up to their mouth and shout ‘hello’ into it, yet put them on stage with the same mic and they mumble a few words?

Ho, hum! Dress rehearsals on Friday and Monday, performances on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Must learn to say no.

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