It’ll be good experience…

… or so I’m told.

It would appear that I have just agreed to be convener of a presbytery vacancy procedure committee. Quite what this involves I have no idea but I am assured it is not too onerous. I have a wodge of paperwork to read through to get my head round it and offers of assistance from others to keep me on the straight and narrow. What concerns me is that vacancies aren’t always filled promptly, so this may well drag on for some time.

Still, in one respect, it will be good experience as it’s something I’ll be on the receiving end of in due course.

Ho hum! Off to read Act VIII, 2003. Send out a search party if I don’t return.

5 responses to “It’ll be good experience…”

  1. “Presbytery vacancy procedure committee” – this is a new one for me! I’m intrigued – what does it involve? ” Not too onerous…” snigger … I’ve heard that one before!

  2. It’s all part and parcel of a shake-up of the way vacancies are handled apparently.
    What does it involve?
    Well, I’m still trying to get my head round that but it appears that one of the first things I need to do (since some of the early stages have already been taken care of) is appoint an ‘Advisory Committee’. I can’t help but feel that this is creating ‘layers’ but I guess someone’s thought it through and it’s all for a good reason.

  3. Basically what you are doing is making sure that all the correct procedures are adhered to. There is a flow chart available to guide you through the labyrithine processes…. (but you’re good at those)
    You have the power to sustain the call at the end of the process, and this will let you know about the other side of the interview table, as it were. You’ll see the other side soon enough !!

  4. “You have the power to sustain the call at the end of the process…” Coo! Now that’s real power! Wow!

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