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First up, you’ll notice a theme change. Having been prompted to change the comment box size, I decided to be lazy and go for a new theme. Not sure if I’m 100% happy with this one so it may change again.

My assessment placement at KHR finished on Sunday 🙁 I’ve very much enjoyed my time there and I left with many good wishes from a congregation who have been enormously encouraging and very friendly and welcoming.

That also means my end of assessment review! That happened last Friday and yesterday (Tuesday) I got the official thumbs-up from 121. My report identified a number of areas for further reflection as well as mentioning some areas we didn’t cover in the discussions. This is all good because those are the areas which will be followed up at the Assessment Conference and I have answers to all of them. Speaking of conferences, the date for mine is the 2nd-3rd of May. I had initially thought that that avoided my exams but I had the dates mixed up in my head. It’s just a few days before my first one so I’ll need to think about whether to ask for it to be rescheduled or just go for it. I’ll probably just go for it as I’ll have had plenty of time to revise before then and I’d prefer to get it over with sooner rather than later.

Anyway, must stop procrastinating – I’ve an essay to finish on Calvin’s Eucharistic theology.

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  1. Congrats John. The end of the beginning….
    You’re probably wise just going for it. It’ll make for a stressful time but you’ve come through much worse. Thoughts and prayers will be with you.

  2. Well done John! Polish up your egg-catching skills and all the other things we had to do! Don’t forget to go to the pub if it’s in Gartmore!

  3. Actually, I’ve just realised who you are. I was too immersed in Calvin last night to think about looking at your email address on the comment admin page. So, how are you and what are you up to? And, more to the point, how did you land up here on my blog?

  4. I found you through Stewart’s blog, which I’ve read for a wee while – so I’ve been “with you” since the beginning of the blog. Busy studying, doing first placement and having a ball!

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