Looking beyond the cute

It was KHR’s nativity play today and a very lovely service it was too. It was interesting to see that the entire service was given over to it rather than the Sunday school just getting a ‘slot’ in the service. It all seemed to go without a hitch and the kids did really well, although there were no speaking parts, so that minimises the risk. The costumes were great and, although not elaborate, must have taken some time to do.

The story was told through ‘the star’. Initially the star was unable to ‘twinkle’ like the others and it was only when it received a smile from Jesus that the star was able to shine and kept on shining gloriously. The little girl who played the star was excellent and her mannerisms and expressions were spot on – a huge beaming smile, that stayed on, after she was able to ‘twinkle’.

The story may not have been strictly scriptural, but it’s message was pretty sound. Whether it was picked up by the visiting mums, dads, etc is anybody’s guess, but the Sunday School can’t be faulted for the way the good news was presented. It was even the first time I think I’ve heard ‘Away in a manger’ sung in tune.

It might seem churlish to be critical, but I would have liked to see less narration done by the Sunday School leader and more by, say, the older kids or the Bible class (although they led the readings and prayers very well), even if it meant taking turns to do a bit of the narrating. But really, that’s a minor quibble and they definitely deserved the applause they got at the end.


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  1. A fair critique of the service, John. I agree that narration would have been even better done by the older children and that will be suggested for next year.
    Looking beyond the cute is a good title for your blog. Hopefully, parents and friends (who appreciated the service greatly judging by the comments at the door) will have gone away with more than just a warm glow (if I dare use that phrase about a star’s story !!).

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