We will remember them


Spare a thought and a prayer for those who gave their life in wars past and present.

Pray too for those affected by war.

Many ask why God doesn’t answer prayers for peace.

He has answered.

He gave us His Son Jesus.

He told us to love one another.

Why aren’t we listening?

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  1. Rather than put up a whole new blog entry, I thought this would be appropriate to tag on to this entry.
    On the Friday before Remembrance Sunday, I was at a local high school to observe their Remembrance Service. So here are some of my thoughts.
    First of all, I was heartened to find that the gathered classes (2nd and 5th years) took it seriously. There was no talking or sniggering and the 2 minute silence was observed with due respect and solemnity. I think that what made the difference was that it wasn’t ‘hijacked’ as a religious ceremony – it was an act of remembrance. And a very powerful one it was too. the junior and senior girls’ choir led with a number of contemporary songs which fitted well with the overall tone. Similarly, the poems and readings were also very much in keeping. Interestingly, if there was one common characteristic to them was that they could all be categorised as anti-war. It shows that, with a bit of thought and sensitivity, an act of remembrance needn’t be seen as an endorsement for war. But there was also the acknowledgement that sometimes wars are unavoidable, entered into only with the utmost sense of regret and as a last resort.
    There are, apparently, only 5 British WWI veterans still alive. The sad thing is that we seem to be all to good at replenishing the numbers.

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