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I had an opportunity to tag along with David on a visit to a local primary school today. David has the enviable position of being school chaplain with virtually unrestricted access to classes. This is a rarity these days and I guess that brings with it a lot of pressure.

The kids were very attentive and keen to contribute (but then they’d been told to pay attention by the teacher and she scared me!). It may only have been a short lesson, but its longer term effect has to be worth it.

One thing I did notice though – David clarified with the teacher how his theme would be developing for the next visit. She asked if a particular Bible story would fit with that and it gave David a chance to speak with her a little about the significance of that particular story. So it’s not just the kids who get the benefit of the visit.

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  1. Good observation, John. Part of the class work is obviously with the kids. As you know, I fit in with what ever the RME topic happens to be. This minimises any awkwardness in preparation. The conversation with the teacher is not just a clarification of objectives, but a subtle bit of education too.
    Over the years I’ve noticed that staff are usually ecstatic that someone else is prepared to do the RME slot. Most seem uncomfortable leading it, although the exceptions tend to be those who have an active faith (which ever faith).

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