If you were in Edinburgh today and wondered why the One O’clock Gun sounded in the late afternoon, well it didn’t – it was the sound of my brain exploding after an hour or so of Modern Christology. Actually that’s not strictly accurate – my brain had already slunk off to hide in a corner when it had to do the reading for the class.

But, that’s 3rd year started at New College. I had Pastoral Care and Theology as my first class (at 9am – how anti-social is that for a student!). That looks like it’ll be a very good course. The instructor is Ewan Kelly, the chaplain from St. Columba’s Hospice. Mind you, he arranges a mortuary visit about mid-semester, so that’ll be a bit less fun.

Photocopied my 150 pages of reading for next week’s Christology class and it looks like a lot of fun as well – Schleiermacher. There are already some people talking about dropping out and transferring to Homiletics. It’s definitely tempting, but I like an argument too much I think, so I’ll stick with the theology. The only thing about the class is that it’s made up of 3rd and 4th year honours students (as well as some visiting students) and the 4th years are a bit more vocal – primarily due to their greater knowledge of the subject. I guess we lowly 3rd years will just need to be a bit more confident. I’m sure that by the middle of the semester, it’ll be less of an issue (particularly once we get past Barth whom the 4th years studied last year).

Oh yes… I met a former member of my youth club on the train this morning. He’s just started at Edinburgh Uni doing primary school teaching at Moray House. Made me feel old (probably because I am).

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  1. I can well remember similar ‘kabooms’… We used to be able to get a mark or two for SPELLING Schleiermacher.. I’m sure that the 3rd year lack of vocality is just a front. The 4th years won’t know what’s hit them later. It’s called a false sense of security !

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