The enthusiasm of youth

We were at a concert tonight in St John’s Church in Hamilton. The African Children’s Choir were playing.


When you hear some of the stories of their early years it’s quite heart-breaking. But listening to them now it’s great to hear the hope that is in their voices. We were remarking that their globe-trotting is obviously influencing future career ambitions. There were a fair few wannabe pilots and air stewards. I don’t doubt that many of them will go on to achieve some of these ambitions and it’s a testament to the hope that they now have that they can set their sights on such careers.


It would be easy to be cynical and suggest that it’s a slick promo for fundraising – albeit for an excellent cause. But beyond that it’s an investment in the future for the countries and peoples these kids represent and that has to be worth supporting.

Oh yes, and they’re very good too. The concert was excellent.

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