What I really need…

I’ve decided that I really need a fully waterproof computer terminal installed in my shower. After all, that’s where I end up having my best ideas, yet there’s nothing to jot them down on. With my memory as well, it seems that the ideas also go gurgling down the plughole with the last of the water.
This morning I preached a great sermon to myself (well, part of a sermon – my showers don’t last that long). I’ll need to try and retrieve the sense of it, pick out the hairy bits (from the plughole) and share it. I do remember that it’s a sermon I’d love to preach in my home church but don’t think I’ve got the brass neck to do it (unless I didn’t want to be invited to do pulpit supply again that is).
Anyway, terminals in showers… mark my words, it’ll be a big moneyspinner if this Web2.0 nonsense ever goes anywhere (that’s irony, btw).

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