Tag: Web design

  • Another change

    Having been inspired by the theme for Stewart’s new blog, I had a look at others by the same person and decided I like this new one. The main reason I like it is that it is 3-column, but more unusually for a WordPress theme, it’s variable width and that’s just one of my little […]

  • Keeping occupied

    Apart from a small handful of pulpit supply dates, I have, once again, struggled to find gainful employment this summer. So I’ve decided to take a small gamble (am I allowed to do that?) and I am going to try to turn my hobby of web design into a way of getting some extra pocket […]

  • And so 3rd year draws to a close

    Yesterday was my second, and last. exam of the semester and for third year at uni. Not one of my better ones it has to be said, but I should have done enough for a comfortable pass. It was a bit difficult to focus on the revision after last week’s news – that’s my excuse […]