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  • “I don’t know!”

    Nelu recently posted a video clip of Rev. Dr. Yvette Flunder on his blog. Go and watch it if you’ve not already seen it. Like Nelu, I can identify with what is being said; greater knowledge does not bring greater certainty. It merely exposes the vastness of our ignorance. And yet you have that paradox […]

  • Don’t like heights?

    Then don’t watch this video. As one of the commenters says, I didn’t think I could hold my breath that long. I’m not generally scared of heights, but this would worry me.

  • That’s my King!

    A while ago, whilst searching for video clips, I came across Worship House Media which is an excellent source for all sorts of useful downloads (keep an eye out for their occasional freebies). One of my favourites is ‘That’s My King’ a video set to the words of American preacher S.M. Lockridge. The sermon is […]