Tag: Remembrance Sunday

  • We remember

    In remembering the dead, we do not forget or forsake the living. In remembering war, we do not forget our search for peace. In praying for peace, we do not dishonour those who have given their body, their mind, their life. For we give thanks for the love which enables one to give selflessly for […]

  • Looking forward and back

    Once again, the time between blogs has got away from me and now that I try and think back over the last week or two, I struggle to find something that is blog-worthy. Blogging, I find, is often ‘of the moment’. Something happens, or makes a big enough impact, to trigger an urge to get […]

  • Remembrance Sunday 09

    Once again it is the time to remember those who have fallen in conflicts both in recent memory and only open to us through the memories of others. Lest we forget, we will speak their names and hold them in our hearts. Lest we forget, we will pray with those who remember. Lest we forget, […]

  • A dangerous act

    I am leading the intercessory prayers on Sunday. It’s Remembrance Sunday of course and that makes intercession all the more pointed and necessary. It also adds to the pressure to make them specifically relevant and appropriate. For some inspiration on form and words, I was looking through Walter Brueggemann’s book “Awed to Heaven, Rooted in […]