Tag: Liturgy

  • Firsts

    I suppose that over the next wee while I will experience lots of ‘firsts’ as I take up the reins in my first charge. But there can be few ‘firsts’ quite so special as being invited to officiate at the wedding of a family member. One of the slight added pressures of getting into a […]

  • Endings

    I’ve been thinking about ‘endings’ today. In part this has been prompted by taking two funerals, but that’s not really the sort of ending I have in mind. I’ve also had a few hospital visits and it is with these, or rather, one in particular, that I have been pondering the issue of ‘endings’. In […]

  • Intimations?

    In my placement church there has been a bit of a move away from reading out intimations at the beginning of the service, if for no other reason than it can take a fair bit of time and there is also the tendency of people to stick their head round the vestry door with 5 […]

  • Church membership

    Today’s Church, Sacraments & Ministry tutorial was most frustrating. The initial discussion was on the subject of ‘confirmation’ and the Church of Scotland’s somewhat confused approach to it. Is it confirmation, affirmation, profession of faith, membership, admission to communion roll? Or even some mish-mash of all of these? Anyway, the main topic of conversation ended […]

  • Forgotten history

    I was reading a couple of articles for tomorrow’s Church, Sacraments and Ministry class. The topic for this week is a cursory overview of worship in Scotland. It covers such diverse areas as buildings and their layout, use (or lack) of liturgy, hymnody and so on. One of the articles was speaking about communion and […]