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  • Privilege

    I was chatting with Nikki today at lunchtime in Rainy Hall and we covered the usual broad range of topics. I’m doing a funeral in a couple of days and I mentioned that I still don’t get the ‘privileged’ thing that many in ministry speak about. We agreed that, for us certainly, it wasn’t the […]

  • A first

    Today was my first solo funeral service and I was happy enough with how it went. I made (so far as I’m aware) only one verbal gaffe but it was a fairly minor one and not something that would be likely to cause upset. I managed to lop 10 years off the person’s age. I […]

  • One small step…

    … one not so giant leap. Today I got to participate in a funeral for the first time. It might seem odd that I haven’t done so before now but the opportunity simply hasn’t arisen (and I’ll not mention the microscopic funeral count, relatively speaking, to be ‘enjoyed’ in Brussels). So having had the opportunity […]

  • Funeral insights

    It’s been a packed day and sets the tone for the next few days in fact. This morning started off with a pre-funeral visit and it was good to be observing only at this stage. Definitely a visit that provided plenty of insights into the task of planning a funeral. Biggest insight was to ‘listen […]

  • Funeral thoughts

    Camelon has a pretty heavy funeral workload that’s shared out among the three-strong ministry team. This means that I get an opportunity to see different approaches to funeral services and get the benefit of several people’s experience. So far I’ve only been on a couple of funeral visits and the funerals themselves but it’s interesting […]

  • Catching up

    I was at the funeral of a former colleague today. John Wilson was certainly one of those people of whom you could genuinely say they were unique. I had worked with John for a number of years and he was at one and the same time the fount of all knowledge and the source of […]

  • A sea of black

    I was at a funeral today. I had been asked to help out setting up the sound desk to play some cds through and mic up a singer and guitarist who were doing a tribute song. You’ve probably already surmised that it was the funeral for a young person and Ross was just over eighteen […]

  • Highs and lows

    It’s been a pretty diverse week just past. On Thursday I was at the ordination and induction of a friend. It was a lovely service, full of humour and joy tempered by the serious business of taking on responsibility for a parish. If taking on her first charge wasn’t enough, Louise also has to cope […]