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  • I married my brother-in-law

    Not quite sure what that title will do to my search rankings, and it’s maybe just as well I don’t have any ads on the blog. Perhaps I should explain though. Marrying my brother-in-law was one of a number of recent ‘firsts’. And, of course, I mean that it was the first wedding ceremony I […]

  • Holy week services – Thursday

    I said I probably wouldn’t blog this one as it was my own minister, but it’s probably worth noting something in particular from his sermon. The sermon itself drew on a couple of his recent sermons in our own church on the run up to Easter, so, in a sense, there was nothing new. But […]

  • Holy week services – Wednesday

    Chalk and cheese! Compared to last night’s sermon tonight was so much better. Actually, that’s not being fair – tonight’s sermon was very good regardless of comparison. Excellent exegesis and excellent application of John 13:1-17. I was speaking with some others who were at the service last night and they too were complaining that it […]

  • Holy week services

    Warning – this may well turn into a rant (but, hey! it’s my blog). For the last few years my church has combined with two others in the area to share Holy Week services. One church is Baptist, the other Brethren – all three evangelical. The services are often a bit hit or miss when […]