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  • I married my brother-in-law

    Not quite sure what that title will do to my search rankings, and it’s maybe just as well I don’t have any ads on the blog. Perhaps I should explain though. Marrying my brother-in-law was one of a number of recent ‘firsts’. And, of course, I mean that it was the first wedding ceremony I […]

  • A prime example

    Of the point behind my Masters thesis that is. My mate Bryan at Greyfriars Parish Church, Lanark, has recently started streaming the Sunday morning services. No bad thing and on, Sunday’s snowy morning, an ideal opportunity for those unable to get to church to do more than just listen in, but to get to see […]

  • I’ll never be in a UPA

    … and other choice quotations (or should that be quotes?) from Candidates’ Conference. I’ve been away all week at my second Candidates’ Conference held at Gartmore. I am absolutely shattered but the week was really excellent. A bit of a mixed bag for the workshops – some really challenging ones and some that were a […]

  • A thought on communion

    Today was communion and I’m afraid I had a very mischievous thought at the way it’s done at KHR. It was prompted by a particular wording of the prayer I was saying near the start of the service. I was speaking about the bread and wine as visible reminders of the body and blood of […]