Tag: Baptism

  • A prime example

    Of the point behind my Masters thesis that is. My mate Bryan at Greyfriars Parish Church, Lanark, has recently started streaming the Sunday morning services. No bad thing and on, Sunday’s snowy morning, an ideal opportunity for those unable to get to church to do more than just listen in, but to get to see […]

  • Number three

    It was a visit to the third possible probation placement church today. This was my ‘wild card’ one but it’s also the one I’ve been feeling drawn to. It was odd sitting in the nearby car park and feeling a sense of excitement and trepidation. What if I had created a ‘fantasy’ of what it […]

  • I want out!

    This story must surely be one of the most ridiculous I’ve read in a while. It simply makes no sense to me at all. Or does it simply reflect the level of (superstitious) ignorance that can be found in ‘Joe Public’? Or does it reflect the confusion and ignorance found in pew-sitters about the rites […]

  • Baptism

    At my recent local review I was asked for my views on a couple of specific subjects – the ordination of women and infant baptism. These are standard questions so they weren’t a surprise really. But why, oh why, do I always make life difficult for myself by not giving a simple answer – especially […]