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In August 2010 I completed a postgraduate year at the University of Edinburgh, School of Divinity. Following a Masters by Research course, I used the opportunity to investigate the Emerging Church movement particularly as it impacts on the Church of Scotland. I opted to do an essays + short dissertation route as it provided scope for wider and more varied study. The fruits of that year – the three research essays and the dissertation – may be downloaded from here.

They are not ground-breaking theology or cutting-edge research. Nor are they the work of a dedicated and gifted theologian. They were written largely from the point of view of my own interests as I tried to grasp a little of the bigger picture of the challenges facing the Church of Scotland in a changing society and how engaging with newer forms of church could influence that. In other words, bear this very specific context and background in mind if you wish to shred them ‘theologically’.

MTh Research

Download: Dissertation - Converging Conversations  Dissertation - Converging Conversations
» 480.7 KiB - August 20, 2010
MTh dissertation. The need for 'intentional' dialogue if the Church of Scotland is to engage effectively with new forms of church.

Download: Essay - Tentative Steps towards an Emerging Kirk  Essay - Tentative Steps towards an Emerging Kirk
» 204.1 KiB - August 20, 2010
MTh Research Essay 2 An analysis of the Church of Scotland's engagement with Emerging Church through a 2009 report from Ministries Council and Mission and Discipleship Council.

Download: Essay - Looking Beyond the Labels  Essay - Looking Beyond the Labels
» 206.2 KiB - August 20, 2010
MTh Research Essay 1 An investigation of some of the underlying issues behind some of the 'post-' labels commonly associated with Emerging Church.

Download: Essay - Unity In Diversity  Essay - Unity In Diversity
» 270.5 KiB - August 20, 2010
Mth Research Essay - Barth Course Using the creedal church mark of 'One', this essay critiques Emerging Church from a Barthian perspective.

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