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  • Shattered!

    Not long back from Crossover. Although the numbers were well down this year, there was still a great atmosphere and most things went well. Interestingly, even though the numbers were down, the activities were still very busy. It was just that there were fewer groups simply hanging around. The labyrinth we ran was good, with […]

  • Madness

    It’s the church youth club fundraiser tonight – an overnight games marathon. 12 hours of games and mayhem and tired teenagers. What’s this got to do with me you ask? Well you might. I ‘retired’ from the youth club leadership a while ago, but they’ve been left in the lurch a bit for this event. […]

  • The gospel according to duct tape

    Duct tape, duck tape, gaffer tape. Call it what you will, it provided me with a ‘theme’ for the youth club last Friday. I had been asked to step in since the regular leader had a prior commitment and the other leaders weren’t too experienced. Not long before a ‘youth leader email’ had dropped into […]

  • Crossover

    Planning for Crossover 2008 is now officially underway. The dates are confirmed and the website has had a revamp (and no apologies for it looking familiar – it’ll get properly ‘themed’ when the graphics bods have had a go). The theme is ’10’ or ‘X’ (think Roman numerals) since this is Crossover number 10 (well, […]

  • 2nd Sunday of Placement

    Today was my second Sunday at KHR Grangemouth. I was delivering the children’s talk and today was also communion. So, before I comment on both, I also want to note that I also spent a lot of time blethering over tea afterwards. They’re a very friendly lot at KHR and it’s great how welcoming they’ve […]

  • The enthusiasm of youth

    We were at a concert tonight in St John’s Church in Hamilton. The African Children’s Choir were playing. [simage=168,288,y,left] When you hear some of the stories of their early years it’s quite heart-breaking. But listening to them now it’s great to hear the hope that is in their voices. We were remarking that their globe-trotting […]