Jun 212009

It’s been a fairly busy week: a bunch of visits, lots of noisy tractors in Brussels, lots of walking around sightseeing (pictures here), preaching this morning’s sermon. So what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon after all that than at a barbeque? The St. Andrew’s, Brussels annual congregational barbeque to be precise. Well, it’s meant to be for the entire congregation, but as it’s the Sunday School who largely organise it, it’s their outing and everyone who wants to come tags along.

It has to be said that when the service finished just after noon, the bbq looked like it was going to be a swimming gala instead. But, by the time we were at the venue, the rain had cleared, the sun had come out (it always shines on the righteous, apparently), the temperature was just fine and the bbq’s had been lit and were just waiting for all the scoff (and scoffers). And just to prove it was actually sunny, here’s the photographic evidence. Continue reading »